A blanket that’s too short

» Western societies view themselves as constantly becoming more socially civilized toward women, refugees, and in politics, but actually it's the opposite. «
Oliver Nachtwey

Oliver Nachtwey analyses why this is so in his contribution, »Decivilization: On regressive tendencies in Western societies«. In the following interview, he explains how individual self-control has shifted over time. While observers have understood increased self-control as a sign of social progress for many decades, the concept was recently tied to imperatives of the free market. Those who choose to let their hair down and relax during their free time soon begin to feel they are cutting into their own market value. The consequence? A guilty conscience and anger. Anger which is in turn often projected onto others. It is this social tendency Oliver Nachtwey »decivilization«. Here, he lays out the reasons behind this development and discusses the role neoliberalism has played in the process.

His motivation for participating in the project?

» I’m interested in this topic because I’ve been involved in social movements since university, also against Nazis, and my impression is that the world seems to be spinning out of control. I’d like to help explain why that is, and maybe what we can do about it..«