The Audacity of Hope in the Face of Absurd Discourses

» The right-wing populists are actually the arrogant ones, who take people for fools. «
Robert Misik

Have the parties of the left lost touch with working- and lower-middle class people? Has Social Democracy forgotten what the »social« in its name stands for? In this interview, Austrian writer and thinker Robert Misik takes stock of the state of the left today.
Without a doubt, many people feel like their interests and concerns no longer matter to official politics, and not entirely without justification. Misik chides the left for moving too far to the centre on one hand, while devoting too much attention to questions of cultural identity on the other. The result? Sections of the old labour parties’ traditional voting base have deserted them in frustration.
What is to be done? Misik calls for renewing the historical alliance between the urban, progressive middle classes and the so-called »common people«, arguing that successful left-wing movements have always represented both. Surely, this is no easy task – but then again, solving easy problems was never the task of the left.